subway tile


Retro beveled subway tile . . .

. . . in conjuction with classic porcelain floor tiles create a classic look in a bathroom. Unlike most subway tile sources, we offer three by three pieces so you can cleanly finish the edges without having to cut special pieces with a tile saw. Our subway tile is made in the USA and is typical ready to ship out.


Subway Tiles
Vintage and historic bathrooms are often greatly helped by the selection of appropriate porcelain tiles. Common shapes are hexagon, round, and square. Our tiles and available in traditional gloss glazes or unglazed as noted. They come in individual pieces. At 18 square inches per tile it doesn't take too long to get a lot of area covered. We have a wide selection of special tiles such as pieces that are bullnosed on the long side, the short side, or both sides, so we should be able to provide exactly what you need, even if you have an oddball situation.
If you are new to the world of tile, you should know that it is always a good idea to use a high quality sealer after you have laid the tile and installed the grout. This is particularly important with unglazed porcelain tiles. The grain is very tight and they do not pick up stains easily, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Good quality sealer can be found locally at a typical hardware or tile store and it doesn't cost very much. This is not the place to save two dollars on a purchase. You may as well splurge and get the good stuff! Our octagon and dot tiles and subway tiles as well as the two inch six sided pieces have a glaze on them, so you don't really need the sealer for them, but you still have the grout to think about.
Another important consideration is which tiles are appropriate for shower floors. That would be the unglazed porcelain tiles, which have a naturally slip resistant surface. The government may have a rating for these in concordance with the large amount of rules and regulations that may one day be implemented. Be sure and check out if a local ordinance for a commercial job may be in order. If you are planning to do the shower floor please mention that to us, since we would definitely like to make sure you are getting tile appropriate for your use.
In the old days, laying a floor with tiny tiles that were one inch across was a very laborious process indeed. It was necessary to lay each tile individually, which not only would be exacting and backbreaking work, but could also be very difficult to keep the rows straight. Luckily, most tiles we feature here come on a sheet in which each tile is pre-spaced correctly. Please note that different types of tiles have different size sheets. For example, one inch white hex has 1.75 square feet per sheet, but brickwork has 1.27 square feet in a sheet. Spiral tile is two square feet in a sheet, but octagon and dot is one square foot per sheet. Yes, we know it's confusing. But one no charge service we offer is help figuring out exactly what you need to complete your job. We've been down this road before! By the way, it is a good idea to order about ten percent extra. You would hate to be a smidgen short and have to wait a week or two to be able to finish your job. Plus, somewhere down the road someone may drop an engine block on the floor and at that point it would be very convenient to have some spare tiles handy
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